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Spilled Milk

No one starts out being perfect, we work up to a point of making a continuous goal to aim towards perfect. So what if you messed up on your goals in the past. When I was young, I blew a lot of money on things I didn't need, I didn't take my goals as serious as I should have and there were just a lot of things that I wish I could have done differently. I use to beat myself up about it. I often wondered, if I would have just done the things I planned on doing, the way I planned on doing it, I would have been in a different place.

At this very moment, I know for sure that I would be in a different place in life now if I had done things differently. I probably would have had a different career, had different kids, a different husband and lived a different lifestyle. I would be a totally different person.

But at what cost?

Everything that happened, is happening and will happen to me was done with a purpose. I was meant to go through what I've been through. Otherwise my breakthrough would have never occurred. I wouldn't have as much wisdom as I do now and some things, I would be oblivious to. Had it not been for me and my decisions. I would be miserable in school, studying for something I didn't have a passion for. My kids, they wouldn't be the kids that I have now...the ones I have now are one of a kind. My manuscript, everything I do would be lifeless because I wouldn't understand the value of experience, passion, self-awareness, hope, belief and optimism. I can honestly say that everything that happened in my life helped to mold me. That is why my kids think I'm so great, why I put my all into my crafts and businesses, why I have a big heart and why my silver lining is going to be so epic. Had I not had the experience, I wouldn't be who I'm suppose to be now.

So for this I say to you, don't let what's already been done determine your victory. Your past situations are just that, the past. Your story is being written to be one of the best sellers, just let the Author do what the Author does best. Your destiny is not for you to put into your own hands. Once you find your purpose you stick to it and remember that you are human.

Don't cry over spilled milk, clean that shit up and pour yourself a new glass.

Peace and Blessings Family.

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