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Catch Your Breath

You ever find yourself on the go so much, doing everything under the sun and then when you stop, you're wondering where the time went? It is good to stay busy during these times but there is a such thing as being too busy. You have to make enough time for yourself for meditation and reflection to catch up with yourself. You don't have to fall off of your daily ripping and running but just put aside enough time to take a breath and de-tangle your angle. Being assertive is one thing, but you are no good to anyone if you are not good to yourself. Mental health is just as important as physical health, so why you think you may be creating healthy habits, which you very well may be, you are forgetting that another part of taking care of you body is rest. Same thing goes for your mind, the best way to keep it in tact is to make sure you take the time to put it at ease.

How do we put our minds at ease?

Find a quiet room. Your room, the bathroom, your closet...hell, get in your car.

Then breath.

Don't focus on what you were doing before you got to your quiet place, don't focus on what you will do after, focus on the moment and breathing. You clear your mind when you focus on inhaling and exhaling, closing your eyes if that helps. This helps you to maintain relaxation and relieve tension.

I don't care if it's for 2 minutes, 30 minutes or an hour. Give your mind the rest that it needs in order to function correctly.

Just do what I say and thank me later.

Peace and Blessings.

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