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Fuck love

The literal sense of the word is so broad. It gets taken out of context and used too freely or as a scap-goat. The abuse of the meaning is sickening to me. It has always been asked if love is enough and for the reasons above, I say HELL NO! You can love a person and still hurt them, you can love a person and still lie to them, you can love a person and still cheat, you can still love and be inconsiderate, hurtful, insensitive and careless. You know what holds more significant weight? You got to be IN love, DEEP love, CONNECTED love...SPIRITUAL love.

The problem is that people become complacent, scared and unwilling to take the time to put in the work. Consider the thought, if you put the time and effort into one person, you won't have the energy to focus on another person. People are content with being selfish. The person strong enough to do all the the things necessary to love correctly are overlooked and the one willing to receive that type of love get hurt in the process. At this point, love is just a word. But being IN love...that is the greatest level of happiness a person who believes in it can receive. It's something about putting the word, 'IN' in front of it that carries more weight. It screams respect, loyalty, compassion, partnership, honesty, trust and realness.

So to this I say FUCK love, plain love is for people that don't give a fuck how they treat people but still want credit for something. Be in love and give the person who deserves it your all.

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