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Thank you for taking the time to stop by and view my website. My name is Danyielle Reevers and I am the author of Truth Serum and Journal Entry #33.  I started writing at a very young age with poetry but I was too scared to let anyone see what I wrote.  Throughout life and lessons that I have encountered, I started embracing the fact that I had a story to tell and that as I went on to be more transparent, my story began to inspire others.  So not only do I write books, I am an unofficial motivational/inspirational voice.
From the time that I conceived my first child, I began to see my purpose and work towards that light.  I have experienced everything from losing people close to me, being a mother, failed marriages, success, ascension, love and downfalls.  Each life altering occuaence led to a better understanding of life.  Now I help others by putting it on paper and speaking out about how to love yourself, give yourself a chance and live life according to purpose.
Follow me on this journey and hopefully it will give you a better understanding of your own.
Peace and blessings from your humble author.
D. Reevers

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