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There have been more times than I can count, that I wanted to refocus my life, write a book, make this site...and more other things that I wanted to accomplish that took me a while to get into the mindset to even make it a goal. I've been writing for as long as I could remember but I was scared shitless for anyone to read it. The things that I wrote sounded good to me, but the fear that I was the only one who had that feeling, hindered me from even thinking about a blog or a book. I had a lot of great ideas and insight on love, life and living...but only my closest friends had a little knowledge of that because I was ashamed to have a cared about what I thought anyway? I thought my friends were just saying I was inspirational because we were friends and they wanted me to feel good about myself. When I was just talking, and said that I wanted to write a book, I had people to say "Go for it!" but it was the people that weren't paying me any attention that made me say to myself, 'nobody is going to read that shit!'

I was so driven but the fear of failing is what held me back a lot of times when it came to me pursuing my dreams and goals. Who was I kidding anyway? I'm dreaming way too big and think way to highly of my abilities to inspire someone...anyone. Then I'd post my thoughts on Facebook, I'd have deep conversations with my peers and I put my plans into action anyway. I learned from there that the fear shouldn't be in the failing, but in failing to try. My whole perspective had a shift of energy.

Once you start putting yourself in a more positive light, you see things you haven't paid attention to before. I started realizing how many people find me inspirational. I started backtracking and noticing that people actually confide in me and look to me for help and understanding. I started putting out the idea that I wanted to write a book and was in the process, and people really want to read it. I was selling myself short for no apparent reason when I had a shot at what I wanted to accomplish and realized that my goals and dreams are truly attainable. GO ME!

I stopped letting fear impair my motivation and continued to drive forward. Now I can share my truths, enable people to expand their minds and enjoy doing it. I don't worry about who doesn't like it, who doesn't support me or who isn't picking up what I am putting down. If I have the ability to change the mindset of one person so that he or she can live life in a greater perspective....I have done my job. So if you have something that you want to accomplish, goals that you are trying to reach and legacies that you are trying to build....I implore you to give yourself a chance! Yesterday is gone, don't worry about what won't work, TODAY IS THE DAY you eradicate self-doubt and fear of failure. Embrace your purpose....and know that there is a divine entity that will point you in the right direction as long as you believe. Take the time out to give yourself some credit and believe in you too!

Have a great day family.

love. peace. and light.

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