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master plan

I was such a hopeless romantic. I wanted to go on cheesy dates, spend frivolous money and let my significant other know that I had it...just to make the person smile. I would go out my way to show them that I had feelings, deep ones. Until I realized that love couldn't be bought.

What the hell was I going to do? I realized that a date wouldn't keep them. Money couldn't buy them. Sex couldn't trap them. And being overly emotional when they wanted to leave didn't do shit but make things worse!

I had to stop trying to treat people as objects and show how I really did things. I made myself vulnerable to the person of interest. I shared my most inner thoughts and passions. I voiced my strengths and weaknesses and engaged into being attentive to theirs. I basically treated that person how I wanted to be treated. With that, I conducted myself in a way that showed that I was aware of myself and I didn't mind being who I was.

Who knew that was attractive? If that were the case I would have been myself a long time ago.

Someone actually loves me for who I am!

The real me didn't like to eat out that often, I mean I like to go out to eat sometimes...but I didn't like spending money on food that I could make better, and I can cook! The real me didn't like blowing money period. I liked to save for future endeavors. I liked to shop, but not to prove a point. I didn't have to be extra, I just had to be me.

Figuring out who I was, has allowed my Creator to grant me a loving relationship. But only when I was prepared enough to receive it. I was ready.

So what I am getting at is that even as hard as it may seem, it is easy to be yourself and love yourself in order to allow someone to love you.

So this is what you do when you are ready to settle down. Strip yourself of old bad habits, learn yourself more, love yourself better, understand your purpose and worth and feel it from within so that it can spread throughout.

I did this and I am happy to say that the man who recognized the love in me is now my husband. I'm no longer in the dark, and I am truly happy.

You want to be in love...start with the mother fucker in the mirror...and thank me later.

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