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I haven't written a blog in almost a year so I think it's about time that I jump back into to it. First giving honor to my Creator who made and continues to make all things possible, I am forever grateful. A lot of things have happened since last July, I had a baby, I moved and giving up and mended and in the process of healing my marriage. What we have endured was a true test. Honestly, I was ready to pack my shit and leave but there was something in me that said no. That something has proven to me that nothing is impossible. It helped me to understand the power of putting things in God's hands and stop trying to do things on my own. That thing helped me understand that there is no I in WE. It also showed me what it means to have patience, faith...taught me how to forgive and look at things from each and every perspective. It has humbled me, made me stronger, made me wiser.

I don't know what that thing is called yet but it has helped me to have a forgiving heart. I have also learned how to view things from a perspective different from my own. Now, perfection is not a's not even admirable. It's our flaws that give us character and helps us to build our personalities and are our tools to learning how to deal with this thing we call life. Every hurtful moment, every tear, every smile and indiscretion. I have learned to love more correctly first by loving myself. When I decided to stay married, it was a decision based on how much I understand and love myself and my worth. I learned that I didn't have to be married to be whole because I'm already solid, but when someone puts in the effort to complement that, know love and have a pure interest in loving me...that's a chance I'm willing to take with all of its good, bad and ugly moments. Once I accepted life's imperfections and learned how to forgive correctly, it allowed me to have a better relationship with myself, my husband and the Source Energy that holds us together. Things were formed against us but the stronger we grew in our faith, the more we saw that those weapons did not prosper, and it allowed us to be in the beginning stages of a happier, more loving and secure marriage.

We have a three month old son, a plan for our future and the determination to get us there.So now we can pick up where I left off. I just needed time to get me and us right.

So now we can pick up where I left off. I just needed time to get me and us right.


I have been working on my next book and getting back into a great workout plan. There's so much in store this year that I can't put it all in one blog post.

Stay tuned.

Peace, love and lots of light.

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